Naturally Green Carpet Cleaning Van Nuys

“Carpet cleaning in your Los Angeles area”, my first reaction was, “What on Earth is that?” I have lived here almost all my life and have had no experience with this sort of thing. But I am a Los Angeles area women’s entertainer, and I enjoy traveling, so I thought I would research this topic. After careful study, I found this to be a definite must read for anyone that has a carpeted house or establishment.

Naturally Green Carpet Cleaning Van Nuys

“Carpet cleaning technicians for environmentally friendly home and business carpets. We provide low cost, steam and organic water services which remove dirt and stains from all rooms of your house or commercial location and dry quickly. Our cleaning vans are our specialty. Our mobile cleaning vans carry state-of-the-art technology and are environmentally friendly with on-site recycling.”

Naturally Green Carpet Cleaning Van Nuys. So what does a “green” carpet cleaning van do? They use “Green Cleaning Blend” which is made of naturally green cleaning products. They are certified by the Better Business Bureau.

These cleaning products do not contain chlorine bleach, “real” detergents, or formaldehyde. Each carpeting is treated with a non-toxic formula that is made of safe ingredients, such as borax and vinegar, along with some specially formulated oils. The van is equipped with a foam applicator, which is used to apply the cleaner directly to the carpet. It is then vacuumed up and out. The van is equipped with a UV lamp for the final drying process.

I understand that the van is a rental vehicle, so who pays the bill? Well, it appears that each carpet cleaning van is leased by an individual or company, and each company rents only a specific amount at a time. Naturally, the price of the van will go up based upon the volume of traffic it receives. In addition to being billed for actual carpet cleaning, a customer will be charged for any “surprises” that arise during the van’s stay.

Does the man have any type of insurance? Yes, and not only does it have insurance it also has collision and comprehensive coverage. It is legal to tow a caravan, so the van is also covered in that regard. Also, the van has an emergency roadside assistance option, which is something that I would not have expected in a van that was renting! If you live in the United States, please consider donating your van to an environmental organization.

Who uses this van? The van is being used primarily for the carpet cleaning service that it provides. Most people who rent the van also choose to have their cars cleaned as well. However, if someone were to drive a rented van containing expensive antiques, antifreeze, or even food products, then those could all be confiscated. Luckily, because this van is rented on a monthly basis, the drivers are well-trained to handle all of those situations.

Where can I find a rental for such a van? Currently the van can be found in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Australia, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, and Japan. All of these countries have their own unique green options. In addition, some companies will ship the van directly to you, rather than having you have to pick it up at your local depot. Please contact us to check our availability in your area.

How often do they provide cleaning? Usually they will provide weekly cleaning. This will usually take place on either Saturday or Sunday. If there are special events, like weddings, proms, or anniversaries, then the cleaning may be held a day earlier or later on those days. Vacationers are welcome to come and use the cleaning service when they are traveling.

Is the van easy to get into? As with any van that carries cleaning supplies, the van is fairly difficult to get into if you are not familiar with driving. However, most models tilt in and out easily, making it quite simple to get in and out. Most rental companies offer a temporary sticker on the back of the van to identify its placement so that you do not have to worry about driving into it and getting lost.

Will the cleaning chemicals in the van harm the environment? The van itself has no emissions of any kind and will not pollute the environment in any way. The cleaning solution is environmentally friendly and uses natural ingredients only. The natural cleaning products used are non-toxic and safe for people and pets. The cleaning station itself does not need electricity, gas, or water, so it is completely green.